Market Research

Market Research is specifically concerned with markets and distribution and is often confused with marketing research. Two significant reasons create this confusion. One is the similarity between the two terms and the other is that market research is actually a sub-section to marketing research.

We provide clarity and research the markets, wholesale, premises, suppliers, and distribution currently available in Panama.

Unfortunately, internet searches in Panama do not bear fruit, and answering these questions is impossible if you are not physically in Panama. We are based in Panama City and have managed to build up an extensive network across various industries. We can physically touch, feel and take photos and videos of actual products that are locally available. We get in contact with the right people to get the answers you need.

We can investigate if the suppliers, raw materials, or ingredients you need are available in Panama. We confirm pricing, quantities, and any special regulations that apply to these products.

We physically visit and interact with local consumers, contractors, and legal persons to get you the required answers.

If you want to know the average prices for the factory, warehouse, store, and vehicles you will need, we can assist. See Location for more information

Electricity and water prices may concern you if your manufacturing machine or process plant consumes high quantities.

We can send you the relevant local regulations and licensing requirements for your relevant venture.

We provide research that is objective and unbiased. We provide you with the information you need to answer your questions and enabling you to make the required decisions. Contact Us

Like our slogan states, “let us be your eyes and ears in Panama”.