On Arrival

Once you arrive in Panama your journey is just beginning.

Welcome to the exotic and very different rhythms of Panama City. To help you get settled and find your feet a little, we offer some of the services we wish we had access to when we stepped off the plane.

We don’t offer city tours; our service is to help you with activities that can be quite daunting if you don’t know where to start. We will accompany you to specific outlets for items you need. Maybe it’s a whole home you need to furnish or maybe just some odds and ends till your container arrives. We  know where to get most items at great prices.

This Including physically showing you stores, malls and retailers and helping you negotiate through all these new experiences while you are learning the ropes. So, from a tin opener to buying a car or looking for property we can assist you.

Although you could use Uber service, sometimes jumping in and out of Uber’s can be frustrating when looking for a specific item like a car. To go from dealer to dealer via a service like Uber is not the easiest thing to do. Let us assist by taking you on specific outings to source things you are looking for.

Panama is not quite as “online friendly” as most other countries are; internet searches do not always deliver accurate results. A classic example of this is car dealerships. Their websites are often outdated so the vehicle you see online is sold and the stock they actually have on the floor is not even on their website.

Some outings and services we can assist with include but not limited to:

  • Driving you where you need and want to be
  • Shopping outings for cars by taking you to different dealers
  • Shopping outings for household items and groceries
  • Trip to the local fish market and fruit and vegetable markets
  • Assist with Panapass toll roads permit and installation

This is a totally tailored solution where we assist you to get the things you require. This is to help you find your feet and get you sorted on your venture here in Panama.