One of our consultants is a professional photographer with more than 20-year experience. For reliable, cost friendly photographic services do not hesitate to contact us.

Includes but not limited to professional photos of:

  • Products for catalogues and brochures. (light box professional photos)
  • Houses, cars and boats
  • Food items for menus, both online and print
  • Pets – not only dogs and cats but can also include birds, exotic pets and yes snakes as well
  • Wedding Photography
  • Special Events
  • Family pictures and portraits
  • Personal portfolios for models
  • Photographic tips, advice and outings can also be arranged

Editing, touching up and blending

We can edit, touch up as well as digitise your existing photo, images and logos.

Many years of experience in ALL Adobe software packages such as Photoshop, illustrator, premiere and acrobat allow us to edit, manipulate images, pdf files and almost any other file type out there. Our highly trained professional graphic designer can also edit, review, trace and design in Corel draw and Corel photo.


We also provide Short Videos that we film and edit them for advertising and promos. These are affordable entry videos in high definition without having to encounter huge studio costs. This is targeted to small to medium businesses such as workshops, accommodation sites and are shot on location, edited with basic fades, wipes and titles for your online digital needs including You Tube.

Below is a Low Resolution Sample of a logo design and video we did for an online store