Websites and Digital Services

Panama Research & insights have a design studio and offer digital services such as Website design, Building and hosting services, and Professional photography.


We have extensive experience in WordPress designed websites and can assist with all aspects of a website. Let us design and build your website from scratch or upgrade, refresh and re-brand for you.

We can build and design any website and tailor features to suit your specific needs. Need to set up your Shopify dropshipping stores we can assist. This includes all e-commerce online shopping functionality and integration along with payment gateways.

We assist with anything from one-page sites to sites with hundreds of pages, online menus to even Wiki-type sites and directory services with website content (actual wording) if required. The more content you provide, the more economical it becomes. We also can write articles for blogs and websites to keep your website active.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

We specialize in both types and can get your website found. When it comes to organic results, search engines like google send out what they refer to as spiders which crawl your website for content. They look for content that is original, relevant and clearly indicate what your site is about. Using the right keywords, phrases and tags is extremely important. We have software that grades the popularity of a word to establish what tags, keywords and phrases are over used already. In doing this we only select the best options to set your website above the competition when it comes to being found. When someone searches for a specific word or phrase and that word was listed on your site when the information engines, like google, “crawled” it when gathering information, your site will be listed in the search results. Paid optimization is exactly that, you pay to be listed in search results. Remember this is not full proof as your campaign is based on how much you are prepared to spend on each word and how big your budget is. This is why we run analytics software on each word separately as well as every phrase to determine which are the best. You don’t want to be paying for a word or phrase which is exactly the same as major companies with millions of dollars in their marketing budgets.

Quick example: Your budget may be $10 or it might be $1000, but if you wanted to be competitive on a highly used Phrase such as “For Sale” you will hit your budget total very quickly without even making one sale. If you sell art and you compete against car retailers, online stores and other major players also wanting “for Sale” the first 10000 searches are most likely not even for art, so being top of the list in those results will be a waste of time and money.

So then rather let us focus on getting you the right traffic and get sales even on a small budget by targeting the right audience so that your paid campaign brings results.

Let us assist you in your online search engine optimization.  For more detail, please contact us and we will gladly assist.

Domain Names

A domain name is your website address such as www.yourname or We can assist in purchasing and managing your domain name. Just a reminder that domain names do need to be renewed annually and we can assist with this entire process.




Your website needs space to live on the world wide web (www.) This is where hosting comes into play.

We can take care of everything from as little as $3 per month for a website similar to this website that you are currently visiting. If you need more space for images or products, the monthly fee would be calculated on your requirements.


Images and Graphics

We can design your logo and supply images at extremely low prices that have commercial rights. Thus, ensuring your website has original content with the correct rights to avoid any legal action against you. For more information regarding digital content, logo design and Images click here. 



ALL-INCLUSIVE special package which includes:

  • 5 Page Website Designed and Built.
  • 10 x Personalized Email addresses.
  • Your Domain Name Registered for a year.
  •  Full Monthly Hosting for your new Website.
  • 3 Hours of labor on your website every month for changes and editing.
  • 1 Gig Server Space for the website.


This is literally a total solution, No Spending money upfront on design and building the site. No worries about hosting fees or annual domain renewals. No issues of your website becoming “outdated”.

Just simply signup for our great special for a minimum of 12 months and we take care of the rest. Just the 3 hours of work every month is worth more than the total monthly cost.

To qualify for this special please note the content and images is supplied by you without needing any editing or translating.

If any editing of images or content is required, please chat to us and we will work out a very affordable rate.